Emerging Arts Leaders: Philadelphia unifies, empowers, and inspires a growing community of arts leaders emerging in Greater Philadelphia.  Through professional development, networking, and collaboration we build a shared voice to advance our role in the region as the next generation of arts and culture.


The vision of Emerging Arts Leaders: Philadelphia is to spur the next generation of Philadelphia’s arts leaders to continually advance the region’s vibrant and diverse arts and culture community.


Collaboration — Share knowledge and resources for greater impact
Respect — Celebrate that every individual has a contribution of value
Diversity — Unify our diverse cultural sector and embrace varying world views for the common good
Innovation — Embrace creativity and new ideas
Learning — Pursue knowledge, instruction and experience


As emerging arts leaders, Kelli Paul and Maria Fumai Dietrich recognized the value of their individual networks in their job searches, professional development, and cultural engagement.  Together with six colleagues from throughout the Greater Philadelphia arts community, Emerging Arts Leaders: Philadelphia was founded in October 2012 with the intent to expand and connect networks.