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Negotiating the Workplace: Get what you need.

July 17, 6-8PM

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Negotiation is a skill that all of us need at one time or another. We negotiate not only for our salary and benefits, but also to succeed in our creative partnerships, our networking relationships, and our work with community members. Join other arts leaders for a hands-on, interactive workshop that will teach you to get what you need in order to make an impact. Learn how negotiating for what you need isn’t something you should feel guilty about. We’ll discuss tools and strategies you can use immediately. Career coach Lynn Carroll will share practical, adaptable techniques that will give you confidence the next time you have to work out a compromise or advocate for more resources.

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CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia
1315 Walnut Street, Suite 320

Past Events

June 9

Annual Park Day at The Village of Arts and Humanities








On Saturday, EAL:P dropped by the Village of Arts and Humanities for Annual Park Day! The Village of Arts and Humanities is a 30-year-old community arts center in North Philadelphia that offers diverse programming and has transformed blighted lots and houses into glittering murals and art parks. We are proud to support their advocacy for the arts and the environment by helping the Village plant, restore mosaics, and clean up their historic art parks.

February 23

EAL:P Insiders Series: Artist Bash at the Barnes

Many thanks to Kathleen Ogilvie Greene, Curator of Public Programs, Barnes Foundation; Erica Hawthorne-Manon, Small But Mighty Arts; and Maggie-Malachi Lily for an insightful discussion about Artist Bash: Heartache – we look forward to partying with you again!