Get Involved in EAL:P’s Committees

Each committee has responsibilities that help advance the mission of EAL:P. If you have skills and/or interests that match one or more of these committees, please email the contacts listed below for more information. We can’t wait to work with you!

Communications Committee
Chair Contact: communications [at]

  • Spreads the word about upcoming events
  • Manages EAL:P’s social media presence
  • Maintains EAL:P’s website
  • Creates registration tool for events (e.g. Eventbrite, Facebook event, etc)
  • Designs printed collateral and signage

Events Committee
Chair Contact: events [at]

  • Plans five events throughout the year, including a larger-scale October Creative Conversation
  • Ensures mix of networking, professional development, and fun activities
  • Seeks out event partnership opportunities with local organizations

Member Services Committee
Chair Contact: membership [at]

  • Actively cultivates new members
  • Helps connect members with each other
  • Researches ways to enhance member benefits
  • Writes “5 Fast Facts” for events