2017 Executive Board

Ellen Owens, The University of Pennsylvania Penn Museum

Vice President: Lukas Weidner, NELSON Architects,

Kelli Paul, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

Wesley Hershner, The Kimmel Center

Anne Baker, The Betsy Ross House

Jeff Barg, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Chelsea Catling, Main Line Art Center

Maria Fumai Dietrich, University of Pennsylvania

Lillian Dunn, The Village of Arts and Humanities

Lauren Harkins, Philadelphia Magic Gardens

Adam Mazur, Philadelphia Magic Gardens

Hannah Rechtschaffen, The Lindy Institute at Drexel University

Student Liaisons:

Felicia Knise, Drexel University
Linda Lin, University of Pennsylvania

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

2016 Executive Board

Amy Scheidegger, Artistic Rebuttal Project, President
Maria Fumai Dietrich, University of Pennsylvania, Vice President
Kelli Paul, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, Treasurer
Anne Baker, The Betsy Ross House
Jeff Barg, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Chelsea Catling, Bazemore Enterprises LLC
Rebecca Cureton, Villanova Theatre
Lauren Harkins, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens
Wesley Hershner, The Barnes Foundation
Shauna Howard, SCORE Philadelphia
Adam Mazur, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens
Ellen Owens, Penn Museum
Lukas Weidner, NELSON Architects

Student Liaisons:
Linda Lin, University of Pennsylvania
Hannah Rechtschaffen, Drexel University Arts Administration Graduate Association

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

2015 Executive Board

Kelli Paul, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, President
Ricardo Torres, The North Highland Company, Vice President
Maria Fumai Dietrich, University of Pennsylvania, Secretary/Treasurer
Kat Buckley, The Barnes Foundation
Morgan Gengo, Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture
Rebecca Goering, Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts
Kimberly Reilly, Villanova Theatre
Daniel Student, Plays & Players
Amy Scheidegger, 
Artistic Rebuttal Project

Student Liaisons:
Jill Jacobs, Villanova University
Michael Tanis, Drexel University

Become a Member of the Executive Board

Thank you for your interest in serving as an Executive Board member of EAL:P. The Executive Board provides time, thought, energy, and financial support to the mission of the organization.

Executive Board Member Requirements

  • Has served as an EAL:P volunteer or has experience that relates or contributes to EAL:P’s mission
  • Willingness and ability to serve actively on the Executive Board
  • Documented commitment to carry out the role of an EAL:P Executive Board member
  • Make or secure an annual financial contribution to the Executive Board

Executive Board Member Responsibilities

  • Participate in at least three of the four regularly scheduled Executive Board meetings, absent extenuating circumstances
  • Serve actively on at least one committee
  • Attend EAL:P events
  • Remain informed about EAL:P and represent EAL:P at other events
  • Serve as a welcoming body to EAL:P members and actively work to help members build a network with each other
  • Serve a two-year term, with a limit of three terms dependent on re-election

Frequently Asked Questions

What does EAL:P look for in potential members of the Executive Board?
We work to ensure the Executive Board is made up of a diverse range of individuals with unique perspectives and strengths who are willing to invest time and energy in our mission. We seek individuals who take initiative, consistently follow through, and are enthusiastic about EAL:P.

How are members voted on to the Executive Board?
Although regular elections are held each November, new Executive Board members may be voted in whenever needed. Throughout the year, current Executive Board members seek out and get to know individuals who may make a good addition to the team. At election time, current Executive Board members nominate individuals for consideration. Those nominated are asked to fill out a Statement of Interest form and write about why they wish to join the Executive Board and how they will contribute to the organization. Elections are then held to determine who will be selected to join the Executive Board.

What time commitment is required of members of the Executive Board?
Executive Board members are elected to two year terms and may serve for a total of three terms (or six years total). Attendance is expected at an annual day-long retreat (held in January) and at a minimum of three of the four Executive Board meetings held each year, typically an hour long. Executive Board members are expected to attend as many EAL:P events as possible, which take place roughly every other month.

What are the responsibilities of members of the Executive Board?
Each Executive Board member must play an active role on at least one Committee. When preparing for an upcoming event, all Committee members should expect to pitch in a few hours’ work as well as volunteer to help during the event. In between events, workloads will vary and can be adjusted to accommodate schedules.

What financial contribution is required of members of the Executive Board?
Currently, dues are $100 per year per Executive Board member. Each Executive Board member may pay the dues independently or find a sponsor to donate the dues on his or her behalf.

How do the Committees work?
We currently have four Committees: Governance (made of up the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), Member Services, Communications, and Events. Executive Board members are required to serve actively on at least one Committee. The Governance Committee (taking Executive Board member preferences into account) appoints the Committee Chair positions and recommends which Committee(s) each Executive Board member will serve on. Each Committee meets or corresponds as often as necessary to accomplish its duties.

How are the officers of the Executive Board elected and how long do they serve?
Each November, after the general Executive Board elections, nominations and elections are held to determine the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers are elected to hold the position for one year.

To learn more and express your interest, please email president [at] ealphila.org.